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The different floors and restaurants of the Eiffel Tower

If visiting the Eiffel Tower has been on your 'To Do' list for some time, now's the time to seize the opportunity. On days with clear skies, the views over Paris are amazing and when you're standing on the third-floor viewing platform, you're higher up than the London Shard's 72nd floor! When the sun goes down, the experience is different but equally stunning and the tower shines with a sea of tiny lights as Paris twinkles below.

The different floors of the Eiffel Tower

The first floor has been recently renovated to incorporate more glass, including a glass floor. A glass barrier replaces the former railings and you can gaze into the central void. Furthermore, ecological and energy-saving materials have been used in this renovation. Head to the second floor for the best views to spot different landmarks. The third floor, which is as high as visitors can go, gives you a superb distance view and you can sip champagne in the champagne bar too.

The Jules Verne restaurant

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At 125-meters, up on the second floor, lies the Jules Verne restaurant, which has its own dedicated lift. This restaurant offers gourmet excellence with all the trimmings and the service is second to none. You'll need to book a table and can't turn up in your shorts and t-shirt like the tower tourists do! It's owned by the Alain Ducasse chain. Sample deliciously innovative dishes like chocolate bolt pudding!

The 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant

For a less expensive but equally sumptuous meal, head to the more casual 58 Tour Eiffel on the first floor. Also part of the Ducasse chain, you'll dine in a trendy setting 58 metres above ground level. Included in your reservations is the lift to the first floor and collect your ticket from the restaurant kiosque at ground level.